Press should not ignore the reality based voter

This post was written by marc on August 12, 2012
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Letter to the Editor

In this years election one group that has been ignored by the press is the reality based voter. The reality based voters are an increasing number of people who believe that America will be better off if we take reality into consideration. We look back at the Bush years when America turned its back on reality and look where it got us. If America continues to turn its back on reality – then reality might turn its back on America. And that would be very bad.

I talk to people all the time who represent all kinds of cultures and all kinds of religions and we all know that where America is at is not where we should be. So we want to know what kind of relationship these candidates have to the real world and if they are going to help America live in right relationship to reality. America needs reality as a friend, not an enemy. I think it’s time for the news media to start talking to the reality based voter.

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