We need to talk about the “B” word

Letter to the Editor It’s time in this election to talk about the “B” word. I know some people, especially Republicans, don’t like the B word. What’s the B word? BUSH! Remember 4 years ago this week the economy was collapsing. Huge banks and investment firms were collapsing every day. John McCain suspended his campaign […]

Grandma is a Commie!

Letter to the Editor I was listening to Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and OMG I just realized that Grandma is a Communist! She thinks that she is entitled to get Social Security and Medicare after paying in for a lifetime. Quit being a victim Grandma! She thinks shes entitled to healthcare, to food, to […]

Who are the “Makers and Takers” ?

Letter to the Editor I hear the Republicans talking about the “makers and takers” as if they are the “makers” and the people at the bottom 47% are the “takers”. The way I see it the makers are the people who get up and go to work in the factories and work real jobs paying […]

Wealth Redistribution favors the top 1%

Letter to the Editor When I listen to the Republicans throwing out the words “Redistribution of Wealth” as the reason they should kick grandma to the curb I have to laugh. The way I see it the wealth is being redistributed from the poor and middle class to the rich. Half the country is owned […]

Islamic behavior insults their God

Letter to the Editor Every time I turn on the news all I see is a bunch of angry Muslims in the Mideast killing people and destroying property because someone said something they consider religiously offensive. Although I believe in Democracy I’m beginning to wonder if we’re better of leaving them in the hands of […]

Santorum says what?

Letter to the Editor Rick Santorum addressed the Value Voters conference telling them, “We will never have the elite smart people on our side”. He probably didn’t realize it but he just admitted he’s not smart and he effectively called the Value Voters stupid. Of course it takes a smart elitist like myself to point […]

Romney and his Mormon God

Letter to the Editor Mitt Romney is now saying that if he is elected president, he will emphasize the role of God in American society and will not “take God out of the public square.” But that raises the question as to whose God will have a role in American society. Although I am now […]

Republicans have to cheat to win

Letter to the Editor 18 percent of Americans over 65 don’t have the required photo ID to vote in Republican controlled states that passed voter ID laws. Republicans are denying seniors the ability to vote in an election where Republicans intend to make severe changes to Medicare and Social Security. Republicans are cheating seniors out […]

Mitt Romney Disgraces America

Letter to the Editor Candidate Mitt Romney today made the world a more dangerous place today when he made stupid comments about the murder of our ambassador in Libya. Romney reminded the world that America is just one bad election away from going back to Bush, or even worse. That undermines the world’s confidence in […]

Does God endorse Romney?

Letter to the Editor Over the weekend candidate Romney showed up with evangelist Pat Robertson and started playing the God card. “That pledge says ‘under God.’ I will not take God out of our platform. I will not take God off our coins. And I will not take God out of my heart,” Romney declared! […]

Republicans love bad news

Letter to the Editor It seems that every time there’s bad news for America the Republicans are happy. When there’s bad news they have someone to blame. Every time there’s good news for America the Democrats are happy. When there’s good news then they accomplished something. Seems like the choice is pretty clear for this […]

Are we better off that we were 4 years ago?

Letter to the Editor Republicans are asking the question, “Are you better off than you were 4 years ago?” If you don’t think we are better off then vote Republican because the Republicans are going to take you back there. But if you think going back to Bush is a bad idea then vote for […]

Obama’s Promises

Republican logic continues to confuse me. The Republican argument is: Obama made promises. Republicans blocked Obama’s promises. Obama therefore failed to keep his promises. Vote Republican. What?