Romney and his Mormon God

This post was written by marc on September 14, 2012
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Letter to the Editor

Mitt Romney is now saying that if he is elected president, he will emphasize the role of God in American society and will not “take God out of the public square.” But that raises the question as to whose God will have a role in American society.

Although I am now a Realist I was raised Jewish in a society where most people were Christians. From a Christian perspective they looked at themselves as Judaism 2.0. While keeping the Old Testament they added a New Testament which superseded Judaism. The added Jesus and the Holy Spirit. From a Jewish perspective Christianity was an unauthorized sequel. These new Gods were not our Gods.

Mitt Romney however is a Mormon and the Mormons have a Third Testament to the Bible. Mormons see themselves as Christianity 2.0 and Judaism 3.0. It also has the advantage of being “Made in America”. Perhaps Christians can appreciate what it’s like when another religion writes an unauthorized sequel.

The Book of Mormon is very different than the New Testament just as the New Testament is very different than the Old Testament. It’s not the same religion. That’s why Mormons come to Christian homes to try to convert Christians to Mormons.

Mitt Romney isn’t just a Mormon, he’s a Bishop in the Mormon Church. During the Vietnam War era Romney spent years living in France as a missionary converting European Christians to Mormons.  So when Romney says that he will emphasize the role of God in American society, what does he really mean? If Romney is putting God on the table shouldn’t we at least ask Romney what God he’s talking about?

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