Protect your vote!

Letter to the Editor I want to encourage everyone to vote early where ever possible. There are a lot of people out there this year that are trying to cheat you out of your vote. The best way to protect your right to vote is to vote early. That way you don’t have to stand […]


Letter to the Editor Suppose we elect Mitt Romney for president and we found out he was lying. But – we all knew he was lying when he ran for president, so if he’s lying to us – isn’t he just keeping his campaign promise? Maybe we want to be lied to? Maybe we can’t […]

Romney would eliminate FEMA

Letter to the Editor The people on the east coast are lucky that Obama is president because under a Romney administration there would be no federal help for disasters. Romney and the Republicans would eliminate the Federal Emergency Management Agency leaving the states to fend for themselves in case of a disaster. That way he […]

Republicans think God intends women to be raped?

Letter to the Editor I’m watching the news and WOW! Senate candidate Richard Murdock said in a debate, “even when life begins in that horrible situation of rape, that it is something God intended to happen.” This guy says God intends women to be raped and impregnated? That is what he claims is God’s will? […]

Romney was the one asleep tonight

Letter to the Editor It looked to me like this last presidential debate was the exact opposite of the first debate. This time it looked like Romney was asleep. The debate was officially about foreign policy, which is where Romney is week. But Obama kept hitting Romney on contradictions and Romney failed to respond. Romney […]

Republicans inhaling fear, exhaling anger

Letter to the Editor From what I see the Republicans are inhaling fear and exhaling anger. But the truth is that America has real problems. Problems that are going to take time to recover from even if we do everything right. And if we don’t do everything right we might not ever recover. The Republicans […]

I think Romney is America’s uncertaker

Letter to the Editor Mitt Romney’s specialty at Bain Capital was to get companies, load them up with debt, chop then up and sell off the pieces. I think that’s what Romney intends to do with America. Mitt Romney is the undertaker. I think Romney intends to do to our country what he’s done to […]

I love early voting

Letter to the Editor I love early voting. I wish they wouldn’t call it absentee voting because the word implies that early voting is only for people who can’t make it on election day. I started voting by mail a few elections ago and I’m never going back. What I like about early voting is […]

Romney and Binder Women

Letter to the Editor I watched the second debate and I’m not sure what’s worse. The thought of Romney’s binder women or the idea that he’s probably making that story up. Turns out that when Romney left office only 25% of his staff were women. I suppose that’s a lot for a Republican.

Does Substance count?

Letter to the Editor 2 weeks ago the press beat up on Obama saying he lost the debate. However it seems that Obama did nothing wrong except allow Romney to lie unchallenged. Obama’s positions were sound ideas and it wasn’t like there were any gaffes. Romney won on style but it’s easy to do that […]

When is good news bad news?

Letter to the Editor I ask the question, “When is good news for America bad news?” When Republicans want to get elected. The job numbers came out and unemployment is at 7.8% and the Republicans are freaking out because it’s good news. It reminded me of when Clinton was president and there was good news […]

Dead people are registering Republican in Florida

Letter to the Editor The Democrats are trying to make a big deal over Republicans registering dead people to vote in Florida. Of course Republicans are going to get the dead registered as Republicans because they know that dead people are more likely to support Republicans than Democrats. Dead people don’t need Social Security, Medicare, […]