Republicans in a bind

Letter to the Editor On one hand the super rich plutocrats who want to pay no taxes and are funding the Republicans have made it clear that they are going to cut the republicans off from their billions of dollars if they don’t hold real Americans hostage to get their upper class tax cuts. However […]

It’s Hostage Time Again

Letter to the Editor It’s Christmas time and the Republicans are holding us hostage again. Both parties agree that taxes should stay low for the bottom 98% of Americans, but rather than pass that tax cut the Republicans are holding us hostage in order to get a tax cut for Wall Street. Wall Street are […]

Fiscal Cliff could be opportunity for Republican to expand base

Letter to the Editor The President and the Democrats clearly won the tax the rich election and the Republicans lost defending the top 1% even with them pouring billions of untraceable money into the election. Republicans could be smart and take this opportunity to embrace the ideas of helping the poor, middle class, and the […]

Negotiating a tax deal before fiscal cliff

Letter to the Editor Since we are facing the “fiscal cliff” that Congress artificially created the debate is about what is and what isn’t on the table. There are some things that can be done to make a deal happen and give both sides some political cover. For example, it’s time for Obama to cave […]

Susan Rice would make a great Secretary of State

Letter to the Editor I am now convinced that Susan Rice would make a great Secretary of State because the Republicans like John McCain want very much to stop her nomination. Anyone who the Republicans are that much against must be highly qualified for the job. Senator John McCain needs to focus on what’s good […]

Atheist view of God’s role in election

Letter to the Editor Franklin Graham – son of the renown evangelist Billy Graham – declared of last weeks election, “maybe God will have to bring our nation to our knees – to where that we just have a complete economic collapse … Maybe at that point, people will again call upon the name of […]

Time for Senator McCain to get over it

Letter to the Editor Some people call Senator John McCain a war hero but I call him a big baby. It’s been 4 years and another election ago and he still hasn’t got over losing to President Obama. Picking on Susan Rice? Really? If you’re going to take on Obama why don’t you do it […]

Petraeus Affair – Boring – not News

Letter to the Editor We just had a big election and we have the looming issues of the fiscal cliff, creating jobs, immigration reform, an the Republican civil war. But what is the news media obsessed with? They can’t stop talking about a sex scandal. It’s like oh my God! A powerful 60+ year old […]

Tea Party not working for Republicans

Letter to the Editor In 2008 the Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell declared that the number one goal for the Republican Party will be to make sure that President Obama is a one term president. They had one goal and that failed. America has suffered because of it. Last night America denied McConnell his […]

8 years ago today

Letter to the Editor Eight years ago on the Friday before the election Osama bin Laden released a video giving Bush the boost he needed to win the 2004 election. Last year President Obama took out bin Laden making sure that doesn’t happen this year. Sure feels good knowing bin Laden is gone.

Praise for Governor Christie

Letter to the Editor I have to say that I am impressed with Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie and President Obama for working together in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. This is how Republicans and Democrats are supposed to work together in times of crisis. I’m hoping the Governor Christie and President Obama set […]