Petraeus Affair – Boring – not News

This post was written by marc on November 13, 2012
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

We just had a big election and we have the looming issues of the fiscal cliff, creating jobs, immigration reform, an the Republican civil war. But what is the news media obsessed with? They can’t stop talking about a sex scandal.

It’s like oh my God! A powerful 60+ year old man cheats on his wife with with a pretty woman in her 30s. Maybe someone should explain “the birds and the bees” to the news media. Why is this news? They did their investigation. Nothing happened that affected national security. No laws were broken. The reason the President and Senator Feinstein weren’t informed is because there was nothing to tell. This was even leaked to Republican leaders before the election and it was so uninteresting that the Republicans didn’t use it.

So please – stop it. I say to the news media – grow up! There’s news out there to report. Do your jobs.

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