Atheist view of God’s role in election

This post was written by marc on November 16, 2012
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Letter to the Editor

Franklin Graham – son of the renown evangelist Billy Graham – declared of last weeks election, “maybe God will have to bring our nation to our knees – to where that we just have a complete economic collapse … Maybe at that point, people will again call upon the name of almighty God”

As a Realist I feel like I’m impartial when it comes to determining the will of God. The way I understand the Bible, God is omnipotent, and God is in control. After all, if God weren’t omnipotent and in control then why would we call him God?

So – if Obama was reelected president then it’s because God wants Obama to be president. God voted for Obama! And if you believe that Obama became president in spite of what God wants, then it is you who are the Atheist. You’re the one, not I, who doesn’t believe! So I say to reverends Billy and Franklin Graham as well as any Christian reading this message – why should I believe in God’s divine plan when it’s clear you don’t believe?

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