Senate passes bill to continue government spying

Letter to the Editor With the fiscal cliff looming and senators filibustering everything you would think from listening to the news that noting is being passed through Congress. But that isn’t the case. As it turns out on Friday the Senate passed an extension of the FISA act to continue to allow the government to […]

Reality always wins!

Letter to the Editor Politics these days are very interesting. The world of reality is in a battle to the death with the world of crazy, and it seems the reality is winning because crazy is collapsing in on itself. What crazy doesn’t realize is that reality always wins. There is no power in the […]

So what do Republicans want to cut?

Letter to the Editor Republicans keep saying we have a spending problem and we need to cut spending. But Republicans don’t want to say what cuts they want to make. If Republicans want spending cuts then tell us what you want. Just say it! Do we pull grandma out of the nursing home and put […]

We have a tax problem – not a spending problem

Letter to the Editor The Republicans keep saying “We have a spending problem – not a tax problem.” WRONG! The reason we are in the hole is that we cut taxes for the rich and paid for it borrowing money – from the rich. And now we have to pay interest to the rich. And […]

Debt Ceiling False Threat

Letter to the Editor The debt ceiling threat is a false threat that for some reason both Democrats and Republicans are buying into. They say that only Congress has the authority to raise the debt limit and Republicans are using that to take America hostage to try to destroy Medicare and Social Security. And for […]

Republican filibusters himself

Letter to the Editor Right when you think that Republicans can’t get any crazier than this they never cease to amaze me. What am I talking about this time? Republican Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell is now filibustering himself. McConnell, in an attempt to bluff the Democrats offered a proposal to end the Republican’s hostage […]

Punishing Success?

Letter to the Editor I keep hearing on the news Republicans saying that we shouldn’t raise taxes in the rich because we are “punishing success”. Are you kidding me? They turned Wall Street into a casino and when they crashed the economy we had to bail them out. And that’s what they call success. We […]