Republicans tampering with elections again

Letter to the Editor Republicans are trying to rig the next presidential elections in advance by changing the rules of how electoral votes are allocated so that even if a Democrat gets the most votes the Republican still wins. If these rules had been in place in 2012 then Romney would have been president in […]

Filibuster reform fails – Democrats Fault

Letter to the Editor For the last 4 years the Democrats have had the majority in the Senate but have complained because the Republicans have used the filibuster to block what the majority of Americans want. Today for the third time Democrats had the opportunity to fix the filibuster and they failed to do so. […]

Republican Motivational Speaker

Letter to the Editor As the Republicans begin their retreat this weekend they will have the opportunity to be lead by motivational speaker Erik Weihenmayer, an athlete perhaps best known for being the first blind person to climb to the summit of Mount Everest. And although it is commendable that the Republicans are embracing this […]

Obama is required to honor the national debt

Letter to the Editor Some people say that President Obama have the option to use the 14th Amendment to raise the debt ceiling in case Congress fails to do so. They are wrong. Obama doesn’t have an option to raise the debt ceiling, he has a responsibility to do so. The Constitution says, “The validity […]

Ironically California Senators stand in the way of Filibuster Reform

Letter to the Editor The US Senate is going to take up the issue of reforming the Filibuster so that a minority of Republicans can’t dominate the majority that was elected by the people. But standing in the way of this needed reform are the two senators from California, Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein. Both […]

What to cut first?

Letter to the Editor Republicans have been chanting “Spending Cuts” for the last several years and where shall we start. To me the place to start is obvious, Afghanistan. It’s time to get the h___ out of Afghanistan. The sooner the better. We’re spending billions every week babysitting a country that needs to take care […]

Let’s hold Republicans Hostage

Letter to he Editor Republicans are publicly stating again that America is a hostage. They are saying that if we don’t start the process of crippling Social Security and Medicare that they will cause America to default of the national debt. The idea being that only Congress can raise the national debt ceiling. A debt […]

Republicans and Democrats agree …

Letter to the Editor In this age of partisan bickering one thing that I think both Democrats and Republicans agree on. House Speaker John Boehner is not up to the job. He is neither competent or effective and we Citizens of the United States should not have to suffer through 2 more years with him […]