Republicans tampering with elections again

This post was written by marc on January 31, 2013
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Letter to the Editor

Republicans are trying to rig the next presidential elections in advance by changing the rules of how electoral votes are allocated so that even if a Democrat gets the most votes the Republican still wins. If these rules had been in place in 2012 then Romney would have been president in spite of Obama getting millions of votes more than Romney did. But instead of giving up their crazy positions they are focusing on better ways of cheating at the polls.

Interestingly enough there is another movement to change how the president is elected which is based on making the national popular vote determine the winner. One person one vote – what a radical concept! The way it works is that states pass laws to allocate their electoral vote based on the winner of the popular vote. The law would go into effect when enough states pass the law that total 271 electoral votes. So far there are 9 states who have passed this law. Those states are Vermont, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington DC, Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii. In the next 4 years if we can get enough states to pass this law then we can improve the system to elect presidents. If this system had been in place in 2000 the disastrous Bush presidency and the massive debt and 2 wars would have been avoided. Gore got half a million votes more than Bush did and should have won.

Details can be found at and I ebncourage everyone to read about it. We should make the elections more fair and counter the Republican threat to slant the system more in their favor.

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