New Pope could reduce Global Warming

Letter to the Editor Most people don’t realize it but the Pope is in a unique position to reduce global warming more than any other individual on the planet. How you ask? By embracing birth control. The single biggest cause of man made global warming is overpopulation. There are just too many people on the […]

Really? The Republicans are deliberately crashing the economy?

Letter to the Editor It never ceases to amaze me the hubris of the Republican party. As if it wasn’t enough that they turned Clinton’s surplus into the biggest deficit in history, now they are deliberately crashing the economy with their sequestration. They seem to think it’s not treason to hold the economy hostage trying […]

Low minimum wage is welfare for corporations

Letter to the Editor We need to raise the minimum wage because a low minimum wage is effectively welfare for corporations. When profitable companies pay wages that people can’t live on the taxpayers often have to make up the difference. For example, in many states the largest group of medicare and food stamp recipients are […]

California Courts Processing Correctable Violations Wrong

California courts are processing correctable traffic violations wrong and the citizens are paying the price not only in improper fines but higher insurance rates. I don’t know how widespread this mistake is but I do know that the courthouse in Morgan Hill has been doing it wrong. But it may turn out that California is […]

Boy Scouts and Religion

Letter to the Editor Although it is commendable that the Boy Scouts are going to stop prohibiting gay scouts I’m not hearing them say anything about changing their position when it come to excluding boys based on their religious beliefs. The Boy Scouts require scouts believe in God and excludes boys who don’t share their […]