What would Darwin do?

Letter to the Editor On this Jewish holiday of Passover we are reminded of a story about God killing the first born sons of the Egyptians for failing to do what he wanted. But in real life some 65 million years ago Darwin smited the dinosaurs out of existence for failing to develop asteroid deflection […]

10 years ago

Letter to the Editor 10 years ago the Bush administration started the Iraq war. It wasn’t intelligence failures that got us into that war, it was fraud, lies, and deception. We wasted 4000 American lives, tens of thousands of Iraqi lives, and 2 trillion dollars of debt, and Iraq is worse off today than they […]

Republicans want more debt

Letter to the Editor Although Republicans make a lot of noise about the national debt the actually want more debt. More debt works in their favor. They want the debt to go up. Republicans have been against Medicare and Social Security since it started and when Republicans ran up the debt in the Bush years […]