Republicans want more debt

This post was written by marc on March 5, 2013
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Letter to the Editor

Although Republicans make a lot of noise about the national debt the actually want more debt. More debt works in their favor. They want the debt to go up.

Republicans have been against Medicare and Social Security since it started and when Republicans ran up the debt in the Bush years it created an opportunity to use the debt as an excuse to “cut entitlements”. They also want to cut government regulation so they can pollute all they want, sell cigarettes, and let the banks rob us without the government protecting the citizens. “We have to cut spending!”, they cry. But they don’t care about spending. They just want to take our money and give it to rich people.

Our problem isn’t spending. Our problem is tax fairness. We need to tax rich people at the same rate as working people. We don’t get the tax breaks they do. The super rich are trying to enslave us in dept and we have to say no. We need to push the Republican boot off the throat of the poor.

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