The Past doesn’t Change – even for Bush

Letter to the Editor Although the news media can attempt to alter what we remember about the Bush administration you can’t actually change the past. What happened happened and the results of what Bush did are still with us. The 16 trillion dollar debt is still here. The wealth transfer from the middle class to […]

Democrats can’t blame just Republicans for failing to pass gun background checks

Letter to the Editor At the beginning of this year Democrat Majority Leader Harry Reed had the opportunity to end the filibuster and allow majority rule in the Senate. But that didn’t happen again in part because it wasn’t supported by senators Barbara Boxer and Diane Feinstein from California. Today gun background checks again didn’t […]

History Channel redefines meaning of History

Letter to the Editor I have to say that I am very disappointed with the History Channel over their “The Bible” series. The definition of “history” is a record of what really happened. History is a reality based word and is in the domain of the reality based community. The problem we realists have with […]