History Channel redefines meaning of History

This post was written by marc on April 5, 2013
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Letter to the Editor

I have to say that I am very disappointed with the History Channel over their “The Bible” series. The definition of “history” is a record of what really happened. History is a reality based word and is in the domain of the reality based community.

The problem we realists have with “The Bible” series is that none of those events are real historical events. In short – it never happened. The Earth wasn’t created 6000 years ago. There was no ark and no flood. No mass killing of the first born Egyptions, no wandering the desert for 40 year, no parting of the Red Sea. People in the Bible like Noah, Moses, Jesus are not historical figures. They no more existed that Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock. These are all stories – fictional people. They aren’t like Lincon, Washington, Newton, Einstein, Ben Franklin, or even Hitler – people who are real and actually existed.

So by depicting stories like “The Bible” on a channel called “The History Channel” they are representing fiction and fact as if there is no difference. In doing so they are committing blasphemy against reality itself, basically stating that reality doesn’t matter. Well reality does matter because if we don’t learn to live in right relationship with reality the mighty hand of Darwin might strike us down like he did the Dinosaurs. . We need to understand the capital T Truth, what really happened in History. So I say to the History Channel, “May Darwin have mercy on your soul!”

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