Vatican walks back on Atheists can go to Heaven

Letter to the Editor Last week I praised the new Pope for reaching out to the Atheist community by saying that Atheists can be good people and that we could also go to Heaven. I praised him for sating that everyone had a duty to be good people. But now Vatican spokesman Rev. Thomas Rosica […]

Atheist gives +1 to new Pope Francis

Letter to the Editor As an Atheist I have to say thank you to the new Catholic Pope Francis when he said, “The Lord has redeemed all of us, all of us, with the Blood of Christ: all of us, not just Catholics,” the Pope said, according to Vatican Radio. “Everyone! ‘Father, the atheists?’ Even […]

Should Federal Government help Oklahoma?

Letter to the Editor Should the federal government help Oklahoma after this weeks tornadoes? Normally I would say absolutely yes. However, both of Oklahoma’s Senators, Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn have repeatedly voted against funding FEMA and voted against relief for other areas of the country. The both voted no for Hurricane Sandy relief. So […]

Tea Party Groups Deserved More Scrutiny

Letter to the Editor These so called not for profit tea Party groups deserved more scrutiny by the IRS, not because they are Republican, but because 100% of them are in fact in violation of the law. Tax exempt groups are supposed to be tax exempt because they are “charitable” or “social welfare organizations”. The […]

America is an oligarchy – no longer a democracy

Letter to the Editor America is no longer a democracy. America is now an oligarchy. An oligarchy is where a small group of rich people control the government. Here’s 3 strong indicators supporting my claim: 1) In 2008 there was so much fraud in the banking system that every major financial institution collapsed. They had […]