NSA Spying protects America from Terrorism – NOT!

This post was written by marc on June 13, 2013
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Letter to the Editor

The government arguments that the NSA spying protects us from terrorism is not true. It’s the same as the argument the Bush administration made about torture. The spying doesn’t protect us. It puts us at greater risk. It makes us less safe – not more.

America is only 5% of the world, yet we are saying to the rest of the world that there are 2 kinds of people on this planet, American and foreigners, and foreigners have no rights. So when we want to demand that any other country stop spying on us and hacking our computer networks, where is our moral authority to make that demand? If we steal their information then why can’t they steal ours?

The real damage from spying is that it makes America a threat to the civilized world. When they call us “The Great Satan” they now have evidence to support that claim. If you were going to create an Orwellian society, this kind of spying is the first step. If Hitler had today’s technology Jews would be extinct.

So even if the NSA stopped a few terrorists by spying, they created more terrorists than they stopped. The terrorists can easily change their operation to communicate by closed private encrypted networks that the NSA can’t penetrate. So they might catch a few stupid terrorists but the real threat has increased. So when people are asked, would you give up some privacy for more security, many say yes. But would you give up your privacy for less security? Me thinks the answer would be – hell no!

Also – here’s some educational material about what NSA spying means.

First – Here’s Obama explaining my position from 2007.


Here is a video I made about why NSA spying doesn’t work:


Here’s Senator Boxer raising the issue of impeaching the president:


10 reasons why NSA spying is a bad idea.


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