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This post was written by marc on July 14, 2013
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Letter to the Editor

A lot of people are talking about their privacy concerns regarding the NSA spying. They are trying to justify it saying, “Would you rather give some privacy or have terrorists murder your family?” And as we all know the NSA has ruined phone sex for everyone on the planet.

But the NSA spying isn’t about privacy, it’s about world domination. With everything so dependent on the web these days if you rule the internet you rule the world. And that is what is really going on. America has already been hacked. We are now run by secret courts making secret decisions. Rule of law and transparent government no longer exists.

The NSA can push updates into the Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems. Anyone who hacks the NSA could push the Stuxnet computer virus into those operating systems and take out most of the computers on the planet. So if the NSA isn’t up to world domination they have created a single point of failure for the entire planet. What if North Korea, or al Qaeda, or some 15 year old hacker gets into the NSA. They could destroy the world.

I therefore call an emergency alert and I ask all computer programmers out there to investigate the Windows, Apple and Android operating system to look for NSA tampering, to identify and disable it. An I call on the people of the planet to take active countermeasures to reclaim the web for the people. If we don’t stop this then we will lose a lot more than our privacy. Civilization itself is at stake.

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