Syria is a mistake

This post was written by marc on August 27, 2013
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

We should not get involved in Syria without a plan. First – we are making an assumption that Assad is the one who gassed those people. But we have no evidence. Both sides have has access to those weapons. If you don’t think it through one might assume Assad was behind it. But when you think about it he gassed civilians, not fighters. That would gain him nothing and invite the wrath of the world. Not a smart move.

However if one of the rebel factions like Al Qaeda gassed the civilians then they could draw America into the war to lsucker us do their fighting for them. With Assad out of the way they could take over. That seems much more likely because they would have something to gain at our expense. So I think we should hold off. Obama doesn’t need to prove his manhood to the Republicans. We should not attack without a plan. You think that after Iraq we would have learned something.

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