Disgusted beyond belief

Letter to the Editor Who needs enemies when America has the Tea Party shutting down the government. The world is laughing at us. We used to be a great country but now we look like a country of morons. I am disgusted beyond belief!

Obama doesn’t need Congress to stop a government shutdown

Letter to the Editor President Obama doesn’t need to allow Congress to shut down the government if congress fails to pass a budget. The President has emergency powers he can use and he can keep America running but executive order and he should set a precedent and just do it. What am I talking about? […]

Government Shutdown is one big scam

Letter to the Editor In the next few days they are going to do the government shutdown debt ceiling trick to try to convince us that Americans have to give something up to balance the budget. “We have no choice!” they will claim as they throw the poor and middle class under the bus. But […]

Obama is lying about Syria – This IS War

Letter to the Editor President Obama gave a very fine sounding passionate speech about how we have to strike Syria to stop the bad man from killing children, and that this isn’t war. Liar liar pants on fire, he is proposing war. It will lead to boots on the ground. Obama is not telling America […]

It’s like Bush and Iraq all over again

Letter to the Editor It feels like we are in Dick Cheney’s 4th term as Obama beats the drums of war pushing hard to strike Syria. And just like Iraq they don’t want to wait for the UN report to figure out which side was the ones who used chemical weapons. The rest of the […]

Obama refuses to be bound by Congress on Syria

Letter to the Editor It’s interesting to hear Obama refuse to commit to not bombing Syria if Congress fails to support his attack plan. He is leaving the door open to the idea that even if Congress says NO, that he might attack anyway. So – why bother going to Congress? Why should we bother […]