It’s like Bush and Iraq all over again

This post was written by marc on September 7, 2013
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Letter to the Editor

It feels like we are in Dick Cheney’s 4th term as Obama beats the drums of war pushing hard to strike Syria. And just like Iraq they don’t want to wait for the UN report to figure out which side was the ones who used chemical weapons. The rest of the world wants to wait for the inspector’s report and if we attack then it is us who is violating international law. And it will be especially bad if it turns out that the rebels manipulated us into doing their dirty work for them.

And even if we do strike, what is the purpose? Bring down Assad to give Syria to al Qaeda or the Taliban? And since Obama seems to think he can strike without the approval of Congress why should Congress even bother to vote? And then there’s the missing question, who is going to pay for it? When we have an issue here with unemployment, food stamps, medicine for the elderly, or disaster relief they always ask who is going to pay for it.

In 2008 Obama ran against the Republicans and Hillary on the basis of voting for the war in Iraq. Now Obama wants Democrats to vote for his war and not wait for the UN inspector’s report? Speaking of Hillary, I don’t hear her coming out to endorse this war. She’s not going to make that mistake again. I think Congress should vote no and impeach Obama if he strikes anyway.

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