Obama is lying about Syria – This IS War

This post was written by marc on September 10, 2013
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Letter to the Editor

President Obama gave a very fine sounding passionate speech about how we have to strike Syria to stop the bad man from killing children, and that this isn’t war. Liar liar pants on fire, he is proposing war. It will lead to boots on the ground. Obama is not telling America the truth.

How is a limited strike going to keep Assad from using chemical weapons? If we attack him, especially a limited attack,  does anyone really think that’s going to stop him? At best it will piss him off and then he’ll do something dramatic in response and then we will have to respond to that. After all, is Assad hits us back and we run from the fight then we’re even bigger pussies than if we showed restraint in the first place.

Everyone who has ever been in a fight knows that once you throw that first punch the fight has begun. Obama is trying to tell us that he doesn’t want to fight Assad, he just wants to punch him one time and it will all be over. Really? Really? Are you F-ing kidding me? You think we’re that stupid?

After we hit him he’ll his us and then we’ll have to go to war to show the world that we don’t run from a fight.. And the world will not be on our side because our strike will be illegal too in the view of the civilized world who is still waiting for the UN inspectors report to be finished and the world to come to a consensus about what to do.

America has gone to war enough times based on lies. You can usually tell it’s a lie when there’s a big hurry to do something when there’s no reason to rush. I don’t understand why Obama chooses to exactly emulate Dick Cheney but that seems to be what’s happening here. And if Obama chooses to attack Syria after Congress votes it down then Obama should be impeached.

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