It’s not Snowden’s Fault

This post was written by marc on October 26, 2013
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

It’s so weird watching the news as the reporters blame leaker Edward Snowden for the problems that Obama is happening because 35 other national leaders don’t want the United States spying on them. Snowed didn’t do the spying. Obama did! How is it Snowden’s fault? All he did was tell us the Truth.

If Snowden hadn’t leaked what is happening at the NSA then it would have come out eventually later. You just can’t keep an operation that big secret. So are we better off that we know now rather than later? I think we are because the Patriot Act is being used to undermine who we are as a country and turn us into a banana republic where politicians break the law with impunity and hide behind the claim of “national secrets” as a way to conceal criminal activity. That is not the nation our forefathers created 250 years ago.

We are a nation who has lost its way and we need to remember who we are and get back on the right side of history. The NSA spying needs to be shut down or the rest of the world will shut us out, as they should.

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