Corporations now have religious rights?

Letter to the Editor The Supreme Court decided to take up the issue to consider whether a company can refuse to provide contraceptive care to female employees on the grounds that doing so would violate its religious freedom. Really? To be decided is if a corporation, and artificial person, can assert a religious right to […]

50 years later we still don’t know who killed Kennedy

50 years ago president Kennedy was killed and to this day we still don’t know who did it. The official story that Oswald shot him from the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository defies the laws of physics. There are a lot of conspiracy theories but we don’t yet have any way to […]

It’s about time!

Letter to the Editor After being Senate Majority Leader for 7 years Harry Reed finally got rid of the fillibuster rule that has allowed Republicans to hold up important legislation that the majority wanted to pass. I just wish Reed had done the back then. If he had we would have a much better version […]

Tired of Obamacare web site story

Letter to the Editor My reaction to the Obama web site story – boring! Yes there are web site problems but like any tech problem they will fix it and the site will start working.  Then no one will even remember the problems we’re having today. Besides, on the day the web site went online […]