Pope understands Bible message – Atheist Declares

This post was written by marc on December 27, 2013
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Letter to the Editor

I have to say that I like this new Pope. As an Atheists I did read the Bible and although I don’t believe I do understand what it says. That’s why I’m somewhat confused when I hear Christians behaving badly and coming across all angry I’m wondering – did they read the same Bible I read?

But this Pope Francis – it seams that he reads the Bible the same way I do. He talks about helping poor people, being humble, and that greed is wrong. And I’m thinking – yep – that’s the way I read it. I personally am not buying the Bible story as being literally true, but I have to say that this Pope at least gets the story right. I think that all Christians who say they want to follow the teachings of Jesus should listen to this guy because the world would be a better place if Christians started acting a little more Christian. So a +1 for this Pope! I’m clicking on Like!

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