My Presentation Notes on NSA for Humanists in Palo Alto

This post was written by marc on February 28, 2014
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Next Sunday I’m doing a presentation at the Humanists Community in Palo Alto on the NSA spying issue. BTW – NSA spies are welcome to attend.

Humanists want what is best for humanity. That’s sort of obvious. So therefore Humanists are concerned that they come out on the right side when it comes to something as big as NSA spying. Humanists therefore have a moral obligation to determine what the word “best” means and a method for determining it.

The issues is so huge that I need to narrow the focus to one single aspect in order to make it into a one hour time slot. So the focus will be – who’s telling the truth and how can you tell objectively which side is right? Do we believe them? Or is this George Orwell’s Animal Farm?

What is it that defines America? It’s the Constitution. And when we undermine the Constitution then we are no longer America. America is already defeated before we begin the fight.

I’m also going to talk about the Constitution as a moral contract that binds us together as a nation. How the checks and balance system works. Why the Constitution requires us to distrust government. (hint – the political equivalent of the scientific principle – Truth is purified through scrutiny.)  We should be watching them – not them watching us. That’s the difference between a king and a democracy. Since we don’t have a king we need rule of law.

I will talk about another caste system of the watchers and the watched. Should government be watching us – or should we be watching the government. What does “We the People” really mean.

I’m going to talk about how the constitutional safeguards we hacked by using secret courts and secret law through the FISA court. Conspiracy between President Barack Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnel, Speaker of the House John Boehner, House minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, Chief Justice John Roberts who runs the FISA court.

They claim we have congressional oversight of NSA but the NSA have admitted they lied to Congress. So if you are a member of Congress who was briefed by the NSA then you know less that those of us who were not briefed. We are expected to believe them even though they are telling us we are being lied to.

I’m going to talk about NSA effectiveness – or lack of. 70 million people get their information stolen through Target and the NSA didn’t catch that. How can you find a needle in a haystack when you can’t find an elephant in a haystack? Does it reduce terrorism when we reject the principles of our own Constitution? It makes us a dishonest society. A bad example for the world. Like the torture prison at Abu Ghraib it gives the terrorists a reality based reason to justify what they are doing. And that’s the last thing we want to do.

I’m going to talk about how we are required by law to lie and prohibited by law from telling the truth. How being dishonest by law reflects upon us as a country. How we have sacrificed the moral high ground and have become a threat to the world.

I will talk about cast systems where America’s position is that there are 2 kinds of people, American’s and foreigners. And that foreigners have no rights, nor do Americans who associate with them by email. So if you even got a spam from Nigeria then you are a terrorist collaborator suspect.

I’m going to talk about how the NSA has broken security for the good guys creating new opportunities for the bad guys to hurt us. If you hack the NSA you hack the world. How someone could push code like the Stuxnet virus into the operating systems of Apple, Microsoft, and Google and take out the Internet. What does it take to hack the NSA? Will it be some 14 year old kid bullied at school who takes out the power grid to get even? or will it be any one of the thousands of NSA workers who could be bribed or blackmailed into working for foreign spy agencies from Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, or Israel.

I’m going to talk about how politicians or political dissidents or the press can be blackmailed. That Obama was spied upon by the NSA before he was elected and it raises the question about why he might have changed his mind. He is a constitutional lawyer so he does know how wrong it is. Yet he does it anyway.

I’m going to talk about RSA security. How weakening it to create a back door for NSA also created a back door for terrorists and foreign spies. Who knows who or how much was stolen because secure communication wasn’t secure.

RSA and other Prism companies are required by law to lie to you making all companies automatically dishonest even if they don’t lie.

I’m going to talk about the fact that the NSA has created the infrastructure for an Orwellian society and imagine if Hitler had the technology of the NSA there would be no Jews hiding in the attic.

Another point is that when the government you trust creates false information it causes brain damage in society to where people can’t discern reality anymore. Then it’s like Orwell’s Animal Farm. It undermines the ability of society to collectively think clearly. It undermines reality based foundations of right and wrong.

In order to create an Orwellian society you have to create the infrastructure where a society like that can exist. The NSA is that infrastructure. What if Hitler has the NSA?

Also how can you have a free press if the NSA is taping the phone lines and email accounts of the press? It has a chilling effect. People won’t contact the press wondering if the government is listening in. The press won’t publish what they know if they are under threat of being jailed, or blackmailed. The NSA undermines the First Amendment freedom of the press. It undermines the press because the press can not be trusted if the Government is spying on them,

Tapping the phones of 35 world leaders pisses off the world. Obama claiming he didn’t know it makes us look stupid and dishonest. Although Obama say we are no longer tapping Merkel’s phones, we are now tapping the phones of everyone Merkel talks to. We also skyjacked the plane of the president of Bolivia trying to get Snowden. This conduct dominishes America’s standing in the world community and as a world leader.

The NSA also ruined phone sex. Do you really want NSA workers masturbating while you’re having an intimate conversation with your wife or girlfriend? Passing the file around among their coworkers?

Hack the NSA you hack the world. Can the NSA be trusted to control all this data? Imagine a version of Snowden who was bribed to steal information from the NSA. Can the NSA secure itself against its own workers? Hasn’t Snowden proved they can’t? After all, the job of NSA workers, the reason they are hired, is because they have the ability to get into things that aren’t supposed to be into.

The conclusion will be that if the NSA is defending something, that something isn’t America. It’s like treating smoking addiction with arsenic. It cures you be killing you. Therefore the NSA spy program is not what is best for humanity and Humanists should be opposed to it.

When the Constitution is undermined it is wrong. The First and Forth Amendment gone. “We the People” gone. Checks and balances – gone. Secret Courts making Secret Law – wrong. Citizens are required to lie and hunted down for telling the truth – wrong. American superior to the rest of the world – wrong. The watcher and the watched – wrong. Creating a society that looks like George Orwell’s Animal Farm – wrong. Exposing computer security by secretly weakening encryption – wrong. Knowing that Congressional oversight is being lied to – and the lies are allowed – is wrong. Disrespecting the world community – wrong.

The NSA isn’t defending America when what they are defending is no longer America. What the NSA is doing is the exactly opposite of what is best for humanity.

Quite frankly – I don’t know how I can do this in an hour when I need to leave 20 minutes for questions. But I hope to have a state of the art Youtube presentation that will become a major reference point in the war to take back the Constitution.


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