I’m tired of Racism

Letter to the Editor I’m getting tired of this whole racist thing. It all just plain stupid. The Reality is that every person on the planet, whether you are white, black, brown, Asian, Hispanic, or Native American, we are the descendents of Africans. We all come from black people. We are all blood relatives. It’s […]

Movies like Noah make people talk about Reality

Letter to the Editor I personally like the fact that movies like Noah are in theaters because it raises the question, was the story of Noah real? If we went back in a time machine would we see the great flood? Would we see an Ark filled with two of every animal? Is this really […]

NSA chose to leave computers vulnerable

Letter to the Editor The National Security Agency (NSA) who Snowden has revealed has been spying on us, knowingly choose you leave an important Internet security flaw in place and exploit it rather than to protect the public and expose it. The recent “HeartBleed” security flaw that is currently being reported in the news was […]

The Rich get their own roads to drive on

Letter to the Editor There is a new disturbing trend in America, turning more and more roads into toll roads and converting lanes to toll lanes. Many states see it as an easy way to bring in more money often bypassing normal requirements to raise taxes. But what this ends up doing is creating fast […]

One Dollar One Vote

Letter to the Editor America used to be a Democracy based on the idea of One Person One Vote. now we are al Oligarchy based on the idea of One Dollar One Vote. Now it’s all about what the billionaires want – people no longer matter.