NSA chose to leave computers vulnerable

This post was written by marc on April 11, 2014
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

The National Security Agency (NSA) who Snowden has revealed has been spying on us, knowingly choose you leave an important Internet security flaw in place and exploit it rather than to protect the public and expose it. The recent “HeartBleed” security flaw that is currently being reported in the news was known to the NSA for the last 2 years. Rather than reporting it and fixing it they chose to exploit it in order to get access to all our passwords.

The big question is, was the NSA the only ones that knew about this security bug? We may never know until it’s too late. By choosing to leave the security flaw in place they created a 2 year window of opportunity for America’s enemies to also exploit this bug and break into top secret sites crutial to national defense and nuclear weapons systems. It also left everyone in the world exposed to criminal activity. The NSA doesn’t make America more safe. It makes us less safe. The NSA is a threat to America, a threat to the world, and a threat to civilization itself.

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