Troops need free medical insurance too

Letter to the Editor It’s pretty clear that there are serious problem with the Veterans Administration who are supposed to be taking care of our troops who sacrificed for our freedom. So when I hear that these brave people aren’t getting medical treatment – I think we can all agree that is just plain wrong. […]

Supreme Court gives God Welfare

Letter to the Editor The United States Supreme Court today decided to ignore the Constitution and give God some religious welfare allowing Christian prayers at public meetings. The way I see it God needs all the political welfare he can get right now because more and more people are realizing the the invisible cloud being […]

Don’t blame Snowden for Obama’s bad choices

Letter to the Editor Today in his news conference with German Chancellor Merkel President Obama said it has “pained” him to see how Edward Snowden’s leaking of NSA documents has hurt the United States’ relationship with Germany. Are you kidding me? Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is that is was Obama’s […]