Supreme Court gives God Welfare

This post was written by marc on May 5, 2014
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Letter to the Editor

The United States Supreme Court today decided to ignore the Constitution and give God some religious welfare allowing Christian prayers at public meetings. The way I see it God needs all the political welfare he can get right now because more and more people are realizing the the invisible cloud being simply doesn’t exist. Science is now the new Bible and Reality is the new God. The time has come for the religious would to upgrade.

Thousands of years ago religion 1.0 relied on the authority of elders. When written language was invented religion 2.0 became the authority of scripture. Now we have religion 3.0 which is the authority of evidence. Back before the word Reality was invented the word God was understood to mean everything that exists in the universe. But now our understanding of the universe has greatly expanded and Reality is the new name for what the ancients called God. Now it’s science that reveals the Truth and like all religions we are still trying to understand our creator just as we always have.

So the Supreme Court is trying to hold onto the old version of God and keep him alive through belief. What they don’t understand is that Reality doesn’t change just because you want to believe something different. So even if everyone in the world believed in some guy with white hair living in the clouds created the universe in 6 days, it doesn’t make it real. So my message to the Supreme Court is – keep your day job and stick with law and get out of promoting your religion.

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