Corporations now have Religion?

Letter to the Editor First the Supreme Court ruled that corporations are people. Now they are ruling that corporations have religion. And that the religious values  of corporations trumps the religious values of employees. That’s what they ruled in giving Hobby Lobby the religious right to deny birth control coverage to its 13,000 employees. It […]

We need Islam free energy source

Letter to the Editor Although the debate rages on between the right wing and reality about reducing carbon emissions, maybe we can find agreement on a different reason why we should work to give up oil. We need an Islam free source of energy. Every time I fill up my gas tank I’m funding the […]

No War till we figure out what side we’re on

Letter to the Editor A few months ago we were against the Syrian government supported in part by our other enemy Iran. Senators like John McCain called for us to arm the rebels to overthrow the evil dictator. Luckily Obama didn’t arm the rebels because those same rebels have now invaded Iraq and are now […]

Iraq Again?

Letter to the Editor There are a lot of people wanting us to go back into Iraq yet a 3rd time. “We need to take control or the price of oil and gasoline will go up.” So I’m thinking that after spending trillions of dollars on war why don’t we spend that money on solar […]