No War till we figure out what side we’re on

This post was written by marc on June 25, 2014
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Letter to the Editor

A few months ago we were against the Syrian government supported in part by our other enemy Iran. Senators like John McCain called for us to arm the rebels to overthrow the evil dictator. Luckily Obama didn’t arm the rebels because those same rebels have now invaded Iraq and are now our enemy. Now Syria and Iran are fighting the rebels and they are our friends. But our other friends in Saudi Arabia are the ones funding the rebels the way they funded Osama bin Laden.

Now people are talking about getting back into Iraq to fight for what? Our position is, “Why can’t everyone just get along so we can buy your oil?” Muslims have been killing Muslims for the last 1400 years and we are feeding it buy buying their oil. Every time we fill our gas tank we’re funding Islam. Isn’t it time we quit doing that?

Why don’t we take the trillion dollars the next war would have cost us and invest it in new technologies. If we develop solar power, create better batteries for energy storage, and invest in NASA for space based energy solutions then we won’t have to get involved in Muslim wars so we can drive our cars. And we can solve the man made part of global warming. Then we won’t need the oil and they can go about killing each other without Americans having to get in the middle.

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