California Plastic Bag Ban is Wrong

This post was written by marc on October 17, 2014
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Letter to the Editor

As a citizen of California I want to apologize to the rest of the nation for California’s misguided ban on single use plastic bags. Although passed with good intentions this ban is actually more harmful than good. If anything should have been banned – it’s paper – not plastic.

The paper process is actually many times as polluting as plastic. Plastic gets a bad rap because it is usually manufactured out of oil industry by products. But plastic can be made out of anything including extracting carbon dioxide out of the air. Plastic waste can either be recycled, used as fuel, or stored underground to permanently sequester carbon from the environment.

Also, the amount of plastic in the bag is orders of magnitude less plastic that any plastic in the product in the bag, A plastic bottle has 100 times as much plastic as the bag. A ban on bottled water, for example, would be 100 times as effective as a plastic bag ban if plastic were actually a problem.

I am for saving the environment. Earth is our space ship and we have to protect it so we can continue to live here long term. But we have to put science first and our plastic bag ban is not based on science. So I’m concerned that California’s bad judgement not be replicated in other states.

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