Indiana anti-gay laws suck

Letter to the Editor I’m somewhat disturbed by the rash of anti-gay laws coming from states like Indiana as well as laws in the works in North Carolina and Arkansas. As someone who is not a Christian I think that when a people has to put down other people for the purpose of feeling superior, […]

Isn’t it time for America to Grow Up?

Now that Ted Cruz has officially thrown his hat in as the first presidential candidate for the 2016 election I have to ask myself, “Isn’t it time for America to grow up and get past the petty religious culture wars?” Ted Cruz started off his campaign at Liberty University where he was welcomed by hundreds […]

Is America Ready for a Canadian Born President

Letter to the Editor Now that Ted Cruz is running for president Americans needs to ask ourselves if it is ready for a Canadian born commander in chief. I for one am calling for Ted Cruz to release his birth certificate and to explain why he waited till 2013 to renounce his Canadian citizenship. We […]

Not Buying Hillary’s Email Story

Letter to the Editor I have to say as a long time supporter of the Clintons (mostly Bill) that I am not buying Hillary’s email story. She keeps saying that she didn’t want to use 2 phones to support her 2 email accounts. But it’s very easy to configure one phone to access 2 email […]

Iran hard liners call Republicans brothers

Letter to the Editor It appears that Israel, Republicans, and Iranian hard line Islamists all have something in common. they all want war. Radical Islam now calls the Republican Senators who wrote a letter on March 9th to undermine the peace process “brothers”, War is easy – peace takes work. But in the long run […]