Ben Carson not a threat to “progressive secular movement”

This post was written by marc on November 8, 2015
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Letter to the Editor

Ben Carson says that the reason that people are looking into his past is that he’s a threat to the “progressive secular movement”. I think he’s more of a threat to religion than he is to us heathen atheists. Religious people are supposed to be inspired by God to tell the truth and as someone who claims to be a religious person Ben Carson’s behavior represents what he really believes. So if he’s lying and trying to blame non-believers then he’s really no threat to us. Carson is a threat to religious people.

When someone cloaks himself in the Word of God and uses that to lie, then what that says is that he really doesn’t believe in God. Ben Carson is an atheist just like us. I think if someone is going to lie they should take personal responsibility for their actions and not try to hide behind Jesus and point fingers at non-believers for his personal sins. If I were a Christian Carson would be an embarrassment.

I have no idea who Ben Carson really is, but he’s doing a really bad job of pretending he’s something that he’s not. Trump might be a lunatic, but he’s genuine.

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