Clinton Email Very Disturbing

This post was written by marc on January 30, 2016
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Letter to the Editor

People are wondering if Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is something to worry about and the short answer is – yes it is. She was the Secretary of State and in that role she had access to top secret information that only the top people in government knew. For example – when we are moving in to kill Osama bin Laden Hillary is pictured in the room with Obama watching it all unfold. She was involved with Iran nuclear weapons talks,  the wars in Syria, Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia. When you are dealing with these kinds of important issues, you don’t do that on a home server that is filtered through a commercial spam filtering service.

I’m somewhat amazed that the Obama administration and the State Department let her get away with it. They all had to have known because her email address wasn’t, it was, So the other people in the Obama administration knew what she was doing and just let her do it. As an email professional myself I sit here with my mouth open in utter amazement as to why they let her get away with that. Her email setup was less secure than if she had used her personal Yahoo account.

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