Wow! Do I ever miss Bill Clinton

Letter to the Editor After seeing Bill Clinton speak tonight I no longer care if Hillary is lying about whatever. I want Bill Clinton back in the White House!

I was expecting Trump to grow up

Letter to the Editor I watched Trump’s acceptance speech at the convention and his behavior since and he’s is acting like a brat. I’m talking about this ongoing feud between Trump and Cruz. In the primary it was amusing. It was refreshing to get some unfiltered opinions, no matter how weird they may be. But […]

Clinton picks Big Bank Advocate for VP

Letter to the Editor It is very unfortunate that Hillary Clinton picked a VP running mate who is advocating for the deregulation of banks just 8 years after deregulation caused a economic collapse and added some 10 trillion dollars to the national debt. While the big banks got bailed out, the American people got royally […]

Republicans have already lost the Presidential Election

Letter to the Editor The Republican Party is slowly grasping the reality that they have already lost the presidential election. I’m not saying that Trump isn’t going to win. I’m saying that Trump is not, never was, and never will be a Republican. The Republican voters chose a non-Republican over 16 other Republicans. And I […]