I have bad news. I have stage 4 lung cancer

I have some very bad news. For the last 25 years I have been one of the nations most prolific letter to the editor writers. Unfortunately that might come to and end soon as I have been diagnosed stage 4 lung cancer. As someone who understand probabilities far too well I understand this is a […]

Insurance Companies Aetna and Humana should not be allowed to merge

Letter to the Editor In a move to intimidate the Justice Department insurance giant Aetna threatened to pull out of Obamacare if government regulators interfered with its merger with Humana. The health insurance merger should not be allowed to continue. The reason that the government regulates the super corporation is to prevent one company from […]

John McCain does not deserve reelection

Letter to the Editor Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, has endorsed Donald Trump in spite of the fact that Trump has advocated the use of torture on prisoners. Trump has also disparaged prisoners of war like McCain calling him and all POWs losers because they were captured. And Trump jokes […]