John McCain does not deserve reelection

This post was written by marc on August 3, 2016
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Senator John McCain, a former prisoner of war in Vietnam, has endorsed Donald Trump in spite of the fact that Trump has advocated the use of torture on prisoners. Trump has also disparaged prisoners of war like McCain calling him and all POWs losers because they were captured. And Trump jokes about soldiers who get Purple Hearts and families who lost sons in battle.

I’m beginning to wonder about McCain’s POW story because what kind of person allows Trump to say those things and still endorse him. McCain in his endorsement of Trump throws himself and every other soldier who has sacrificed under the bus. It as if McCain no longer remembers the years he spent in captivity. And if McCain has forgotten he loyalties as a soldier I think it’s time we forget about McCain. Perhaps Trump is right about McCain being a loser.

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