Insurance Companies Aetna and Humana should not be allowed to merge

This post was written by marc on August 17, 2016
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

In a move to intimidate the Justice Department insurance giant Aetna threatened to pull out of Obamacare if government regulators interfered with its merger with Humana. The health insurance merger should not be allowed to continue.

The reason that the government regulates the super corporation is to prevent one company from having so much leverage that they can bully America into doing what they want. Aetna, in making this threat is displaying the very behavior that the monopoly laws are designed to prevent. If Aetna is threatening America now, how much more will they threaten America when they merge and become even bigger?

As someone who has lung cancer I want to make sure that the insurance companies are not in a position to take my money for years and then throw me out on the street without care to increase their corporate profits. I think there was a missed opportunity in 2010 to eliminate the insurance companies altogether and pass single payer health care and eliminate these parasites from American society. But if the Justice Department can’t stand up to bullies when they are smaller, how are they going to stand up to them when they get bigger? We are already paying the price of letting the banks grow to “too big to fail”. Why would we let the insurance industry do the same thing?

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