Trump claims rigged election?

This post was written by marc on October 18, 2016
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Letter to the Editor

I find it amazing the Trump thinks the election is rigged against him. It’s laughable to hear any Republican claiming the election is rigged. I’m old enough to remember 2000 when the Supreme Court threw out the vote of the people and elected Bush 5 to 4. Trump is already making excuses for what might be a landslide election.

Perhaps the are other reasons Trump is loosing in the polls. Maybe people don’t trust that someone with no elected experience at all should start out being president? Maybe people don’t want someone who obsesses over petty fights? While Trump accuses Obama of being born in Kenya, is latest wife was born and raised in the Soviet Union. She’ll be the first Communist in the White House.

Perhaps some people might not want a president who calls his own daughter “a piece of ass”? Maybe voters don’t want a president who disrespects woman and talks about grabbing women’s genitals as locker room talk. They might not want a president who doesn’t pay income taxes every year. While others in his generation were fighting in Vietnam, Trump called avoiding sexual diseases as his “personal Vietnam”. Trumps talks casually about using nuclear weapons. Trump advocates for torture which puts our soldier’s in danger of being tortured. He thinks he’s going to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Maybe the voters don’t want to elect someone who has gone bankrupt several times?

I think it’s time for The Donald to take responsibility for us actions and stop being a crybaby before the election. If there’s anyone rigging the election it’s the Russians rigging it in Trumps favor because Putin would rather have an American leader who is weak and stupid.

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