Democrats should help Trump be Successful

This post was written by marc on November 9, 2016
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Letter to the Editor

Like many people I voted for Hillary just to wake up in an alternate universe where Trump is president. Now what do we do? Since we are stuck with Trump and he has no experience we are by definition in trouble. But putting aside the shear shock of what’s happened we have to come together for the sake of keeping civilization from crashing.

I would like to see – for example – experienced Democrats, maybe even a Clinton, reach out to Trump and become part of his cabinet. Trump isn’t really a Republican and I understand most of what he said was just to get elected. But now it is time to govern and we can’t afford to be dysfunctional, even though it would be justified to do to Trump what Republicans did to Obama. We have to try to find opportunity in tragedy and bring some sort of sanity back into the process.

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