Time for Dems to own their failure

This post was written by marc on January 16, 2017
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

It’s one thing to lie, but it’s much worse if you start believing your own lies. That’s the problem of the Democratic Party these days. Trump didn’t get elected by the Russians and the whole Russian hacking story is 100% fiction. Democrats have to own it that they were so incompetent that they lost to a clown like Donald Trump.

Even as Trump is about to become president, the Democratic National Committee is lead by Donna Brazile who was fired from CNN for sneaking debate questions to Hillary so she could cheat against Sanders. Donna Brazille was also responsible for Al Gore losing to Bush in 2000. But Democrats don’t learn anything and keep doing the wrong thing over and over again.

We have real issues to be focusing on rather than the fake “Russian Hackers did it”. Obama just expanded the power of the government to spy on Americans just in time for Trump to use it against us and no one is paying attention to that. People are tired of Democrats being weak, stupid, and  incompetent to the point that just can’t stand it anymore. So it’s out of the pot and into the fire. Let the Apocalypse begin!

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