Trump Deserves Fake News

Letter to the Editor There’s a lot of “news” out there and some of it is fake, but Trump deserves fake news. During the Obama Administration Trump was the source of fake news stating Obama was born in Kenya. We have yet to see Trump’s birth certificate showing he wasn’t born in the Soviet Union […]

Reality vs. Belief

Letter to the Editor There are people, like President Trump, who seem to not believe in an absolute Reality that we all live in. Instead he is the type who thinks that if he says something and people believe it that makes it true. For example, Trump claims he got the biggest electoral college win […]

America is out of control

Letter to the Editor Right now America is in the worst shape it’s ever been in since the Civil War. We have a president who is clueless and out of control. America is like being in a car driven by a 7 year old brat who has never driven before while the parents are passed […]

Snowden “Gift” story is fake news!

Letter to the Editor Stories in the press say that Putin is going to give Snowden to Trump as a “gift”. It comes from “intelligence sources”, and it’s all fake news. Our intelligence community are not only liars, but they aren’t even good liars. And when you think things through it’s rather obvious. Snowden was […]

Gorsuch is bad choice for Supreme Court

Letter to the Editor Trump’s choice of Neil Gorsuch is a really bad decision and would be a terrible justice for those of us who believe in personal liberty and freedom. In my case I have terminal stage 4 lung cancer and because I live in California I have the ability to choose how and […]