Gorsuch is bad choice for Supreme Court

This post was written by marc on February 1, 2017
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Letter to the Editor

Trump’s choice of Neil Gorsuch is a really bad decision and would be a terrible justice for those of us who believe in personal liberty and freedom. In my case I have terminal stage 4 lung cancer and because I live in California I have the ability to choose how and when I will die. My religion is the Church of Reality which supports my religious right to choose. “My life, my choice.”

The Reality is that everyone dies. Having a terminal diagnosis is like being at a bar at 2:00 am and the bar tender announces the bar is closing and it’s time to leave. “Natural death” is like not leaving the bar and waiting till the bouncer violently throws you out on the street. My choice will be to leave on my own terms at a time and method of my own choosing.

Neil Gorsuch would take that away. He would impose his own personal philosophy and is own Protestant values on my life and my choice forcing me to slowly die of suffocation as a gasp for air over days. He believes that the Government, not the individual, gets to make my final life choices. And that his personal religion should be enshrined into law and imposed on the rest of us, even though, quite frankly my Reality based religion is a better religion than his stupid religion.

Gorsuch view that his personal religious values should become the law of the land is not constitutional and is not consistent with the intent of the Founding Fathers. It is not conservative in that the government should not be imposing itself into the lives of private people making decisions about their own lives. So I would urge Congress to reject Gorsuch and replace him with someone who will keep Uncle Sam off my death bed.

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