Dems lost because they opposed sex with miners

Letter to the Editor The Democratic party has been losing ground in rural white America because of the their opposition to having sex with miners. “Just because I work in a coal mine doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to have sex!”, a coal miner might have said if he were asked. “These liberals want […]

Do Republicans like dirty air and polluted water?

Letter to the Editor I’m trying to understand of there’s some physiological difference between Republicans and Democrats where Republicans like breathing dirty air and and drinking polluted water. Trump is now trying to undo everything Obama do to protect the environment as if clean air and clean water are a bad thing. It just seems […]

Trump threatens House to pass Trumpcare

Letter to the Editor Trump is so obsessed with repealing Obamacare that he’s threatening members of the House that they will lose their seats. Trump is destroying America and when people no longer can afford health care they are not going to be happy. Makes me wonder what will happen when America loses health coverage […]

Donna Brazile confesses to cheating for Hillary

Letter to the Editor DNC chief Donna Brazile’s confession that she fed Hillary debate information is troubling on so many levels. First she lied about it saying “As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted,” Ms. Brazile told Fox News. “Your information is false.” It’s not just […]

Trump to cancel insurance coverage for fetuses

Letter to the Editor Under the newly proposed Trumpcare the Republicans are dropping the mandate that health insurers cover pregnancy. This leaves millions of fetuses without medical insurance. Republicans have argued that life begins at conception and therefore fetuses are people. So under Republican rules fetuses should be counted as people who will lose insurance […]

Who is spying on whom?

Letter to the Editor Trump has accused Obama of spying on him. Although the accusation is personal, technically when Obama was president he was spying on everyone. So there is a little bit of truth there if you really stretch it. But now – using the same reasoning – Trump is president and Obama is […]

Lowering the bar for Trump

Letter to the Editor When Trump was running for president he said a lot of really stupid things, and the news media let him get away with it because Trump is a clown, and no one seriously thought he was going to become president. But not he has. What I see is the news media […]

Obama actually did wiretap Trump

Letter to the Editor There is some truth to Trump’s story that Obama wiretapped him in that Obama wiretapped everyone, as Edward Snowden revealed. He also wiretapped Hillary, and you and me. He wiretapped our friends and he wiretapped our enemies. So even though Trump is making this story up, it happens to also be […]

Time for a special prosecutor to investigate Russian connections

Letter to the Editor There seems to be at going on between the Trump administration and the Russians. Today it was revealed the Attorney General Sessions lied to Congress under oath claiming he had no contact with the Russians during the campaign when he had. Back in 1998 the Republicans tried to impeach President Clinton […]

Trumps Speech

Letter to the Editor For the first time Trump was able to look presidential and sound presidential. But looks and talk is cheap. So far Trump hasn’t acted presidential. His speech was inspirational just as those of presidents before him who promised things and never delivered. One thing he did get specific on was stopping […]