Russian Hackers breached voting systems in 39 states

This post was written by marc on June 13, 2017
Posted Under: Letters to the Editor

Letter to the Editor

Apparently in the 2016 election Bloomberg News reports that “Russian hackers managed to breach voter databases and software systems in 39 states”. 39 STATES!!! None of these reports talk about what the Russians did when they broke in other than to use the words “efforts to meddle or tamper” with our election.

If the Russians got into these systems one has to assume that they did something even if we don’t know what they did. Many of these news reports seem do downplay the impact as if they didn’t actually change any results. I have a hard time believing that they didn’t flip the election and that in reality America didn’t choose our leaders, the Communists did. Whatever happened in 2016 can hardly be called an election.

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