Boycott School

Letter to the Editor We are never going to get meaningful gun control until we do something drastic. I think students should boycott school until meaningful gun control laws are passed. Schools are not safe and all we get is ridiculous ideas like arming teachers and armed veterans in schools. If students shut down the […]

America doesn’t care about gun violence

Letter to the Editor I wish that they would stop reporting school shooting as if people care about children being slaughtered at school. We don’t. And it’s an insult to pretend we do. When we allow a 17 year old to buy a rifle then we don’t care more about gun manufacturer’s profits that we […]

Congress shouldn’t be paid during a shutdown

Letter to the Editor I’d like to see a change made so that Congress wouldn’t be paid during a government shutdown. Here in California we have that law and if they don’t pass the budget on time they don’t get paid. Congress has a duty to do their job and if they don’t do it […]