San Bruno branch of Wells Fargo Bank is the WORST!

June 12 2008 – If you are a Wells Fargo Bank customer like I am you’ll want to avoid one branch in particular. The San Bruno California branch of Wells Fargo Bank is in my experience the worst of all the branches I’ve been to. They still can’t process a deposit properly. As many of […]

Extreme Pizza Sucks

Went to Extreme Pizza for lunch today. They advertise a lunch with a pizza with 2 toppings so I ordered a pizza with canadain bacon and pineapple. The told me that the canadian bacon counted as 2 toppings and had a list posted as to how many topping each topping counted as. I was going […]

Comcast Sucks – Technical Incompetence

You would think that a company as big as Comcast could run an email server correctly but they can’t. Even simple things that any network engineer knows is beyond their ability to comprhend. And there’s no way to get feedback to the as their support staff is hidden and unresponsive. Which probably explains why they […]

Asus M2NPV-VM Motherboard – Seriously Broken

I’m usually an Asus fan and I’ve bought several of their mother boards so when they came out with the M2NPV-VM for the new AM2 socket AMD processors I thought it would be a great board. Boy was I wrong. I think it’s a bios problem but this is at least the third bios and […]

Verizon Trying to Screw Me on Cell Phone Service

I suppose all cell phone compaines suck and Verizon is no different. Now they are trying to screw me on service. I have a two phone plan that I’ve had for over 2 years and the phones are more than paid for. Last december I changed the terms of the plan which extended my service […]

Wells Fargo Charges Fee for No Fee Credit Card – Part 2

A few days ago I wrote about Wells Fargo charging me a $29 fee for a no fee credit card. I called them about it and they said they would remove the fre. They said it was for a “Rewards Program” that I didn’t sign up for. So a few days go by and the […]

Wells Fargo charges fee for No Fee credit card

So Wells Fargo Bank talks me into a no fee credit card and I get the thing and without having ever used the credit card I see a $29 fee on it called the “Rewards Anual Program Fee”. I called them up and told them that the bank had told me it was a “no […]

AAA Auto Insurance Sucks – What a bunch of morons!

Thinking about getting AAA Auto Insurance? Don’t! These guys are a bucnh of morons. I has AAA Auto insutance for 4 years from 2002 to 2005. Usually you would think an insurance company would want a customer’s business but not these guys. Never had an accident, never was late on any payment, but they decided […]

Concerns about Clam Antivirus droping the ball

I’ve been a big fan of Clamav as an anti-virus solution for server side spam filtering under Linux. But I’m running a 64 bit server and the server daemon hasbeen dying with segment faults a few times an hour. I set up a process to check and restart it every 5 minutes and with 3 […] sucks big time – takes down an entire data center

The domain registrar took down an entire data center where I do my hosting. They are back online now but it got pretty scary for a few hours. I’m a friend of the owner and being a professional asshole I managed to help him get back online. What happened was that last week […]

Federal Express Screws up 4 times in a row

You would think a delivery service like Federal Express would have their shit together but they don’t. In the last 2 week they have screwed up 4 times in a row. It started with my HP laptop that had the screen die. HP sent Fedex out to pick it up. Scheduled for before 10:30 they […]

Wendy’s gives customer “The Finger”

A customer in a Wendy’s restaurant in San Jose was eating chili when she chomped down on a human finger in her food. At this time they don’t know where the finger came from.

A Victoy against PayPal

I found a trick that worked for me to get my account closed and get my money back. I filed a complaint with TrustE and they acted – and it worked! As you know – PayPal doesn’t close accounts. They “Limit” the account forever. They steal your money for at least 180 days and often […]

PayPal to start fining their customers

If you buy a Playboy with your paypal debit card – PayPal might steal $500 from you. PayPal to Levy Fines for Gambling, Porn By Lisa Baertlein SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – PayPal, the online payments arm of eBay Inc. on Friday said it will soon fine people up to $500 for uses related to gambling, […]

PayPal refuses to close my PayPal Account

In my continuing battle with PayPal I have sent them several emails demanding that they close my account and terminate the user agreement I have with them. They refuse to do so. They have placed my account in a “Limited Status” which does not close the account. It gives them the ability to share my […]

Screwed by PayPal in small claims court

I got the decision in small claims court in the mail and I got screwed. The judge – who really wasn’t a judge but a fill in lawyer – complained that the case was too complex for small claims court and recommended I hire a lawyer. The decision: Defendant (PayPal) acted within the scope of […]

Perkel vs PayPal

I went to the hearing yesterday. No decision was made at that time. The judge took it under submission. I have no idea if I will win or not. I do think the judge believed everything I said – but he complained it was a complex case for small claims court. But – this is […]

Off to court with PayPal today

Well – today is the day I go to cmall claims court against PayPal. It’s at 1:00 in Santa Clara County. It should be interesting. My first experience in California small claims court. This incident is about PayPal cutting me off and siezing my money because they didn’t like the content of my web site. […]

Dropping AT&T for Verizon cell phone service

I’m tired of the poor service and the dropped phone calls and audio so choppy that you can’t make out what was said. After many many complaints I just decided that I can’t take it anymore and need real cell phone service that works. I don’t know about other areas but in San Francisco AT&Y […]

PayPal Class Action and Proposed Settlement


Suing PayPal

Update on the PayPal situation. On June 13th PayPal closed my account because they didn’t like the material on my web sites. Yesterday I filed a small claims court case against them for $5000 – the mex you can sue for in California. Here’s the details of my encounter with them and there’s a recording […]

PayPal Sucks – Closed my Account – Keeping my Money

I’m in the process of building my PayPal sucks site and this blog entry is the first step. It’s the art of being an asshole. I’m sure I’m not the only one that PayPal has ripped off and probably won’t be the last – but I will be the one they remember the most. I […]

E-Loan Sucks – Beware!!!

I’ve been seeing a lot of E-Load commercials lately and it’s rather disturbing. In 2000 I got a loan through E-Loan and it was not a pretty process. It started out fairly well, except that they offered me one rate – but approved me at a signicantly higher rather than advertised. They said it was […]

Honolulu Star-Bulletin Threatens Me over Letters to the Editor

The Honolulu Star-Bulletin is a newspaper that really sucks. A right wing rag that is now threatening to publish my phone number and encourge people harrass me. Their letter to the editor employee – Nancy Christenson – has gone balistic on me. She doesn’t like my letters and rather than being a good journalist – […]

Network Solutions Sucks

You would think that a big company like Network Solutions would have their act together enough to be functional – but they aren’t. For those who don’t know – Network Solutions is a company where people go to register domain names. Their tech support is so bad and their system is so bad that I […]

Google Adsense = Censorship – Bartcop Declined!

I was trying to help Bartcop make a little extra money on his site with Google AdSense. Google pays sites by the click to advertise their stuff and since Bartcop reaches hundreds of thousands of people – I figured it was a good match. Since Bartcop is technologically challenged – I applied to google for […]

Exposing SpyzoneUSA – Consumer Fraud

One of my callings in life it to expose crooked companies. I have several web pages dedicated to compaines who have fucked me over and I believe in getting even – making sure the crooks don’t profit from their fraudulent conduct. The lastest rip off I encountered is a company calld Spy Zone USA at […]

My AT&T Complaint to the Attorney General

To the Attorney General of California I have a problem with AT&T wireless cell phones in the San Francisco area. I am an electronic and computer professional and communications specialist and I know what I’m talking about here. I own 2 AT&T cell phones and they both have the same problems. The audio is very […]

AT&T Cell Phone Service in San Fran Sucks

I used to really like AT&T but in the last several months their service has really gone to hell. The audio is very choppy even with good signal strength and the calls drop all the time. Knowing what I know about electronics the type of distortion souns like digital packet loss – in short – […]