Pregnant Fetuses?

Figure this one out. A fetus pregnant with another fetus? This will drive the anti-abortion whackos nuts.

Passenger Shot Dead – Story doesn’t add up

This story about the passenger getting shot today just doesn’t add up. You have a guy who they say claimed he had a bomb but his wife was shouting he was just off his meds. I don’t believe that even if he was shouting he had a bomb that anyone with any common sense, let […]

New Orleans Looting

There’s two kinds of looting going on in New Orleans. Anyone stealing food and water and supples to stay alive is totally understandable. But there’s just a lot of stealing property that is just pure theivery. I don’t know if it was just not in the news but I don’t remember hearing reports of this […]

Time to fill up your gas tank

Better fill up now because in a few days gas is going to be a lot higher than it is now – if you can get it.

New Orleans is about to show why below sea level is a mistake

New Orleans is a disaster waiting to happen and this hurricane is probably going to demonstrate why that is. New Orleans is 15 feet below sea level, on the coast surrounded by water on 3 sides. With the right storm surge conditions it could instantly fill with water in a way that the dikes that […]

Two Years since Laser Eye Vision Correction

A little over two years ago I had my eyes lasered and it really made a difference. I was 5.5 diopters nearsighted – which means that if I didn’t know where my glasses were – I had a hard time finding them. So – being nearly blind without glasses I decided to get my eyes […]

Mediation Works when it’s done right

I had a legal dispute with a major company over a contract. After years of litigation we agreed to sit down with a mediator. We used the JAMS service in San Francisco and chose a mediator John Bates – who did an EXCELENT JOB and managed to get us to reach a settlement. In mediation […]

Working on a different blog tonight

I’m working with my good friend Bartcop and I set him up with a new blog and we are all posting election results there.

Upgrading the Blog

I’m in the process of upgrading the blog – at least I hope it’s an upgrade – to Movable Type 3.11. It at the moment the comments aren’t wotking. I’m going to registered commenters. Less comment – better comments – and no comment spam. Right now it’s moderated for everyone but once I get the […]

Real Estate Bubble to Bust like Dot Coms did

Have you been wondering why real estate prices are so high? It’s because of a huge amount of speculation in the market and cheap and easy to get loans. First – the low interest rates are creating artificially high prices. When interest rates were 8% there was a limit to how much of a monthy […]

My Suggestion to Bart

Letter I wrote to the Bay Area Reagonal Transit I noticed you cut the parking price to $1. Why not just have free parking? It would eliminate the hassles of your bizzare parking payment system and eliminate enforcement costs. The benifit in increased ridership and public relations would more than offset the revenue. If you […]

The Butterfly Effect

I’ve been thinking about this for years and finally got around to writing it. It’s a detailed explanation of “The Butterfly Effect“. Sensitive Dependence on Initial Condition. Once you read this your perception of reality will change forever.

Google AdSense Sucks – Censorship

Trying to figure out what this really means. Google has canceled my adsense account because trhey don’t like the content of my site. While that state that they believe in freedom of expression – clearly they do not. I therefore based on he way I was treated do not recommend Google AdSense to anyone who […]

You know you’re in California when

Your coworker has 8 body piercings and none are visible. You make over $300,000 and still can’t afford a house. You take a bus and are shocked at two people carrying on a conversation in English. Your child’s 3rd-grade teacher has purple hair, a nose ring, and is named Breeze. You can’t remember…is pot illegal? […]

I’m tired of San Francisco Parking Tickets

I’m starting a Web Site and Discussion Forum for people who are wanting to organize to fight San Frsncisco Parking Tickets. San Francisco is the most inefficient city government on the planet. Kind of a welfare state for the politically correct who seem to think that the evil people who drive cars should be taxed […]